Only in Eagan

Two of the youngest candidates for statewide office are both running out of Eagan; and both are Republicans. Doug Wardlow, 31, is running to reclaim the seat held by his father, Lynn Wardlow, which was lost to DFLer Mike Obermueller last time ’round.

David Carlson, 28, will be running against state senator Jim Carlson, a DFLer. The difference? Jim’s a liberal DFLer, whereas David’s a college student and US Marine who served three tours of duty in Iraq.

Here’s hoping Wardlow and Carlson will finish 2010 as the new blood of the GOP in Eagan, and can start laying glass tiles in their offices to commemorate their wins. Traditionally, Eagan is a more conservative-leaning suburb. Current GOP Governor Tim Pawlenty served in Eagan before ascending to the Governor’s office.

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