Rio win a big defeat for Obama

Rio Di Janeiro will become the first South American city to host an Olympic games celebration in 2016, which is awesome news. What athlete wouldn’t want to spend the 2016 Summer Olympics chilling between events on the balmy beaches of Rio? What athlete in their right mind would rather be in dirty, corrupt Chicago?

Still, President Obama spent a lot of political capital to demean the office of president by begging the IOC to bring the 2016 Summer Games to dirty, stinky, corrupt Chicago just the same… Mr. President, your community organizer roots are showing, sir.

Fortunately, sanity won out and Chicago was the first city eliminated, despite the presidential appeal. Chicago garnered only 16 votes… and allegedly, 12 of those were produced by ACORN. Cancer patients better hope the Commander In Chief doesn’t go stumping for treatments for Mesothelioma next!

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