Senate fakes “struggle” to pass health care reform

The U.S. Senate and House are faking the “struggle” to pass health care reform, and members of the mainstream liberal media have their most creative journalists cribbing tips from suspense authors like James Patterson to make it seem like they’re leaping over huge hurdles to accomplish this.

But let’s be honest, shall we? Right now, the Dems have a 60-seat majority despite the death of Ted Kennedy – since he’ll inevitably be replaced by another Dem anyway – and that prevents even a filibuster on the issue in the Senate. In the House, the Dems also have a commanding majority, despite all the talk of mythical “blue-dog Democrats.” (Psst… you’re not a “blue dog” if you vote the party line every time it counts.)

And, of course, they control the White House as well, right down to the light fixtures.

So forget all those conspiracy-laced yellow-journalism articles from the New York Times on down. Pay them no heed when they allege how hard Republicans are going to fight them.

Because the truth is, the Dems do not need a single GOP vote to pass this Obama-nation of a bill by a huge majority. So the real test here will be to count how many turncoat Republicans will flip at the last second and vote for this monstrosity.

And then, it’ll be up to the voters to make all those Dems and turncoat Republicans pay for their votes in the next election cycle.

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