More “global warming” data scandals!

The latest scandal to emerge in the great global warming hoax comes to us from the University of East Anglia, where climate scientists have now admitted that much of the original data upon which they have based their claims of global warming were unceremoniously dumped, recycled or otherwise trashed… way back in the 1980s!

London’s Times Online writes fearlessly about this scandal, which draws into question yet other chunk of research that cannot be verified when used to support the ever-more-shaky global warming hypothesis upon which the cap-and-trade swindle is being based.

Whether blaming the internal combustion engine or spa filters, it seems no matter how many “green weeks” NBC, The CW and other networks have each year, Algore and his zittoheads are being proven fools and flim-flam artists extraordinaire more and more as time marches on… need I mention this was one of the colder summers on record in decades?

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