Obama about to go crazy over CO2

Let this be said upfront and blatantly: Carbon dioxide is not not not a “dangerous pollutant.” It is what plants from trees to grass and everything in between need to survive, and in fact, plants give us back what we need to survive after absorbing it: oxygen!

But don’t let basic scientific facts get in the way of a good scare-em-into-taxation policy! The EPA this week, under direction from the Obama Administration, is set to formally declare carbon dioxide… what we breathe out… a “dangerous pollutant.” This EPA finding would give the Fed almost unchecked powers to regulate corporate emissions and tax violators, effectively enacting the cap-and-trade concept without a vote ever being taken.

This is blatant abuse of Federal authority, not to mention bad and faulty science.

Here’s the skinny on CO2, extracted from Wikipedia:

CO2 is a trace gas being only 0.038% of the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is used by plants during photosynthesis to make sugars, which may either be consumed in respiration or used as the raw material to produce other organic compounds needed for plant growth and development… As of March 2009, carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere is at a concentration of 387 ppm by volume… Five hundred million years ago carbon dioxide was 20 times more prevalent than today, decreasing to 4-5 times during the Jurassic period and then slowly declining with a particularly swift reduction occurring 49 million years ago… There is about fifty times as much carbon dissolved in the oceans in the form of CO2 and carbonic acid, bicarbonate and carbonate ions as exists in the atmosphere.

It’s a trace gas and was 20 times more prevalent in the past as compared to now.

It seems the Obama Administration, however, has taken some intellectual weight loss Austin-style and just fallen for anything that falls out of Al Gore’s mouth without question or discernment.

Someone should declare Al Gore’s utterances a “dangerous pollutant.”

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