As world freezes, Gore has head in global warming sand

Algore is nothing if not delusional. The former vice-prez is still trying to sell his global warming Kool-Aid, not only in spite of the academic fraud scandal at the University of East Anglia, but in spite of record cold temps being set even as I right this.

Iowa is reporting temperatures that are, on average, 30 degrees below normal. The East Coast is facing an almost unparalleled deep freeze, and Florida is concerned about the current orange crop harvest being spoiled by that same freeze.

Peru’s mountain people could be wiped out, according to some reports, but record low temps; Beijing, China is reporting temperatures colder than any recorded in the last 40 years.

And yet Algore still clings to his fraudulent photos of polar bears on ice cap shards and whines about the need for carbon credits? Still believe in global warming is as reliable as good kitchen faucets? What’s it gonna take, man?

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