Brown being courted for 2012 by some in GOP

After his stunning victory in liberal Massachusetts, Scott Brown is being courted by some in the GOP to be their anti-Obama candidate in 2012. The main problem with this is that he’d be only as experienced as Obama himself was when he first ran; while Brown is the hero of the moment, the GOP needs to realize that however poorly he is faring, Obama will not lack executive experience in 2012, so fielding a candidate with a bit more gravitas might be the better course.

Senator-elect Brown is also a bit of a question mark; not perceived as particularly conservative, he doesn’t have enough experience to show his true colors yet, and the party could end up with a second John McCain headlining their presidential ticket, which is no way to win against the most clearly socialist president in US history.

The GOP would be better served by not only someone with more experience and gravitas, but someone who clearly strikes a clearer contrast to Obama.

My suggestions? Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, and Rick Perry are all good names; even John Thune would make some sense! Send ’em all some personalized gifts and see what happens!

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