It’s Jayson Blair all over again

A New York Times reporter has resigned amid charges of plagiarism, bringing to mind the Jayson Blair incident of 2003. The reporter in question this time is Wall Street and financial reporter Zachery Kouwe, who’s sure to be needing the best under eye creams for some time to come.

The latest plagiarism allegation is only the latest black eye to the so-called “newspaper of record” for the United States and, some might say, the world. Yet considering it’s Pinch Sulzberger’s Times, there’s not much to be surprised about, here; after all, when Blair was uncovered, it was Sulzberger who blamed NYT readers, rather than taking personal responsibility for the hire and the amount of time Blair’s abuses went undiscovered.

It will be interesting to see who Sulzberger blames Kouwe on. Maybe Bill Gates?

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