Supremes, mastering the obvious, could affirm gun rights

The Supremes – meaning the folks who sit on the US Supreme Court – look prepared to demonstrate their ability to re-state the obvious in the gun ownership rights case currently before the high court. With the five justices who decided Heller – the case that struck down Washington DC’s outright ban on private ownership of guns – still all sitting on the court, the case they are now reviewing could extend that ruling to prohibit states from infringing on second amendment rights with outright bans as well.

The Procerin-induced arguments before the court are a bit hysterical on both sides, but it boils down to this: the court is essentially going to wind up saying, “Uh, yeah, looks like the Second Amendment actually IS part of the U.S. Constitution and it means what it says on the face of it.”

Such mastery of the obvious would be insulting if liberals hadn’t spent so many years trying to lawyer-talk the Second Amendment into “a bad, outdated idea.”

For an encore, it is rumored that Chief Justice John Roberts will issue an opinion that, “The Ten Commandments are in no way, shape or form ever referred to as The Ten Suggestions.”

‘Nuff said?

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