Dean disses Dem strategy

Speaking perhaps from his vacation rental Hawaii-style, former DNC leader Howard Dean shocked the world recently by sounding… sane. He criticized Dem leaders in Congress and the White House for making the current health care proposals before Congress the hill on which they’ll live or die.

“The plan, as it comes from the Senate, hangs out every Democrat who’s running for office to dry — including the president, in 2012, because it makes him defend a plan that isn’t in effect, essentially, yet,” Dean said in a recent interview on the liberal-leaning Bill Press radio show.

Of course, Dean then reverts to form and blames the powerless GOP for the situation, but that’s to be expected from Dr. Death. The shocking bit is that he actually spoke the truth despite the Dem talking points that prohibit independent thought from the chief executive.

Maybe this proves just how crazy Dean is…

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