Battle of the midgets

The mainstream media, never tiring of telling conservatives which RINOs to vote for, are already trying to sell Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty as the major feud for the 2012 GOP race to face off with President Obama. And the GOP would be utterly stupid to go with either of these tin men.

Romney sold Massachusetts on RomneyCare, which bears a strong resemblance to ObamaCare, on a state level. There’s nothing Reagan-esque about him, and only by comparison did Romney seem even mildly conservative; that’s what standing on a podium next to the RINO king, John McCain will get you.

And Pawlenty? A McCain disciple if ever there were one. He nearly beat out Palin as McCain’s running mate, and would have if he’d been even slightly diverse on views from McCain. But he’s not, so McCain went with Palin in an effort not to lose all the conservatives in his race against Obama.

Here are some names of conservative substance to take a long look at in 2012: Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Jim DeMint and John Thune. Sure, toss Sarah Palin in there if you must. As least she’s more energetic and better-informed than Joe Biden, who apparently eats CAD drawings for lunch, thinking they’re an exotic chocolate.

The point is, any combination of that group would make a fine set of opponents for the Obama-Biden ’12 fiasco ahead.

Whether it’s Perry-Thune or Jindal-DeMint, I don’t care… just as long as it’s not Obama-Biden again when the dust settles.

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