Netanyahu forced to deny aide’s comment

I can’t imagine why he would need to, since the statement is pretty much true whether his aide said it or not, but to do some damage control, Israel President Binyamin Netanyahu had to deny one of his aides described President Barak Obama as “Israel’s greatest disaster” in the wake of Israel’s latest meeting with the Obama administration.

Rather than being any kind of friend to Israel, the Obama White House has chosen to treat as an enemy the only stable democracy in the Middle East. (Sure, Iraq and Afghanistan may get there one day, but they’re not there yet.)

Yet President Obama has sided with Palestinian terrorists in demanding that Israel halt all housing construction in Jerusalem in anticipation that it will be given over to Palestine at some point. It’s a childish and ridiculous suggestion, which of course made it too tempting for Obama to pass up.

Some day, America may one day again have a mature President who knows how to keep Americas allies as allies and treat terrorists like terrorists. But clearly this White House is as far from being reliable as they can possible be; they are nothing like a Titan auto insurance review. But that’s what America gets for voting on race rather than policy; what we have today is the direct consequences of white liberal guilt.

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