Euro media rallies behind Clegg

Call it “A Big, Slobbery Love Affair, Part 2” if you’re Bernard Goldberg, but Britain’s Liberal Democrat party leader, Nick Clegg, is now being touted as “more popular than Winston Churchill” by the liberal Euro media. Call it the Obama Effect, Euro style.

The Lib-Dems are still tracking third in Great Britain and other than perform well in a single debate, Clegg’s done nothing of note to warrant his alleged popularity. Churchill came by his popularity under the weight of a lifetime of public service and tough, wartime decisions. Guess whose popularity is more impressive? But that’s the lib media for you; promote the guy you want, not the guy in the lead.

Sure, the race has tightened; that always happens. But the conservative Torrie party is on track to gain 40-50 seats and the Times UK, for one, is determined to make that sound like a disappointment.

Whatever. Give the Euro media the best fat burner you can find and they’ll still be as bloated by their political agenda as the New York Times. Gotta hate it.

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