New York Assemblyman would require organ donation

New York Assemblyman Richard L. Brodsky is a portrait of why the New York GOP isn’t very conservative. Brodsky, who nearly lost his daughter at the ages of 4 and 10 through kidney failure, has proposed to make it mandatory that every single New Yorker become a registered organ donor, whether they like it or not!

Brodsky, a Westchester Republican, has drawn some plaudits for his support of tax cuts in the state, but this proposal – by far as over-reaching and as much of a big government solution than any proposal by a New York Democrat – betrays his true sensibilities.

No one can fault Brodsky for feeling more strongly about organ donation than, say, mandatory online life insurance, but the best solution is to channel that energy into educational efforts, fund-raising drives, awareness campaigns and the like.

And organ donation can definitely be a life-saver and a good idea. However, to use the strong arm of big government to forcibly register every New Yorker as an organ donor – willing or unwilling – is Big Brother Government at its worst. When one loses the freedom to choose not to volunteer for organ donation – or anything else – what one is really losing is freedom itself.

There’s nothing conservative about that.

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