Deficit out of control

President Barack Obama may look like a fellow more concerned about adult acne treatment than budget deficits… and he’s sure acting like it, too.

One year ago, in April 2009, the US had a budget deficit of around $20.9 billion; one year later, with the economy fully his administration’s responsibility after a year full of government auto rebates, bailouts of just about everyone but student loan recipients, and the passage of government-controlled health care, and we’re already at $82.69 billion in budget shortfalls … in April, of all months, when the government is typically flush with money from income tax collection.

That’s over four times the budget deficit of a year ago, and one hell of a lot of money. And government-controlled health care won’t even kick in for another four years or so, barring the idiotic measure doesn’t get overturned after Congress and this administration get overturned by voters.

The brinksmanship of the Obama administration has gone about as far as it can go, if it’s ever to swing back around, and word out of Capitol Hill is that Pelosi, Reid and company are readying one final round of new government takeover legislation and tax hikes before Tea Party activists and others toss them all out on their shiny keisters.

That can’t come too soon. We’re barely to the edge of summer and already I can’t wait for November.

One thought on “Deficit out of control”

  1. I think Obama should start acting quick before people start losing their faith in him. He is the symbol of change but if he does not make change soon he might just lose that status.

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