Obama, Dems will get it wrong again on oil

President Obama and other Democrats in tidy bow ties have jumped on the oil mess in the Gulf, headed by BP, as an opportunity to pull back on Obama’s promise to expand off-shore drilling. And once again, they form policy for all the wrong reasons.

Do oil companies like BP need to do better on safety precautions and contingency plans? You bet. But should we expect that nothing ever goes wrong? A bit unrealistic, that.

I for one simply refuse to believe that there’s any sort of nefarious plot on behalf of BP to pollute the Gulf. Does any reasonable person believe BP wants to be losing all those oil riches into the ocean? Of course not. It’s lost money… and a lot of it.

But is this incident any reason to call expanded off-shore drilling “dead on arrival,” as many Dems have? Absolutely not, because none of the important factors have changed.

The important factors are that other countries that are a lot further away from the Gulf than us are still drilling there; that we are far too dependent on other countries to supply our oil needs; that the less oil we produce domestically, the stronger the likelihood becomes that OPEC and other players can control our economy by controlling our oil prices.

Right now, Obama and the Dems are acting like the kid who falls over and skins a knee trying to ride a bike and vows never to ride a bike again. Is this thing in the Gulf terrible for the environment and a big, huge mess no one wants to see repeated? Absolutely.

But it’s not a reason to back off from off-shore drilling and thereby increasing our dependence on foreign markets to meet our oil needs.

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