Obama to help Arizona border… with 1,200 troops?

President Obama has decided to help Arizona, nationally reviled for passing a law against… gasp… ILLEGAL immigration, patrol the borders of that state that align with Mexico. Trouble is, the low number of troops he’s planning to send.

Word is, Obama will send a mere 1,200 troops to patrol 1,969 miles of Arizona-Mexico border. If you divide that into reasonable, eight-hour shifts, that means one solider for every five miles of borderlands. Not exactly tight security. Sounds like a plan even the makers of the best weight loss products would admit is “a little thin.”

The other element of the President’s “plan” for Arizona’s Mexican border is to request $500 million in additional funding for border security. It currently is unclear whether those funds will go to pay for the 1,200 troops being sent to Arizona, or to bolster the ranks of official border patrol agents already on duty there.

According to an Associated Press report, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, a Republican who replaced Janet Napolitano, had not been notified of the Obama administration’s decision, but the real kicker is that the 1,200 troops being sent reportedly won’t perform “significant law enforcement duties.”

So, apparently, these soldiers will be under orders to, what, exactly? Play Pong on their iPod Touch while the flood of illegals into Arizona continues without even lifting a finger?

Yup, now that sounds like an Obama Administration policy.

One thought on “Obama to help Arizona border… with 1,200 troops?”

  1. I think there is more to this than that. With the economy as it is now you have to budget money and troops wisely. But I don’t get the “won’t be doing significant law enforcement duties”, there might be more into this than that, and more in the matter of respecting people’s rights. Though honestly, I have yet to see Obama really perform.

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