Could Sestak claim lead to Obama impeachment?

In Pennsylvania, Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak may have ousted GOP-turned-Democrat Senator Arlen Specter in the Democratic primary, but he might be responsible for ousting an even bigger fellow Democrat, if he’s telling the truth. Sestak claims the Obama administration approach him prior to the Democratic primary and offered him a White House job if he stepped aside in favor of Specter.

Sound like politics as usual? Perhaps, but it’s also a violation of federal law. And not just a minor law, but one that adds up to a “high crime and misdemeanor” level of impeachable offenses. Specifically:

  • Section 18 USC 600 says that a federal official cannot promise employment, a job in the federal government, in return for a political act.
  • Section 18 USC 211 says you cannot accept anything of value in return for hiring somebody.
  • Section 18 USC 595, which prohibits a federal official from interfering with the nomination or election for office.

    These violations were outlined by both Karl Rove and Dick Morris, among others. Now, Sestak could back off the claim to save his president, but doing so would certainly throw a tough bid in the Pennsylvania Senate race into further doubt, making it a likely GOP pickup.

    If Sestak sticks to his claim, however, it could come before the House and Senate, unless the Democratic-dominated bodies decide to kill the issue to protect the White House. That’s assuming, of course, that they retain control of both bodies on Congress in November.

    Does the GOP want to fight another impeachment battle so soon after the Clinton battle ended badly? Not only was Clinton impeached but not removed from office, but the perceived persecution rehabilitated Clinton’s image and approval rating; it might be wiser to let Democrats fight this one out for themselves and use it as fodder for charges to Democratic corruption, rather than pressing toward impeachment themselves. Keep the wood blinds on in this case, guys!

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