New Jersey Gov: Freeze worked!

Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced that New Jersey residents can relax, if only a bit; his budget freeze has worked and no tax hikes will be necessary to cover the $800 million shortfall between the budget and projected income to the financially-strapped state.

The savings from merely keeping all increases out of the budget, merely keeping funding level, was enough to accomplish this; it’s a common GOP tactic for fixing budget deficits, and it has historically worked nearly every time it has been tried. Sadly, few since Reagan have tried it and the tactic is often undermined by Democrats who find way to balloon the budget anyway.

Still, Christie has pulled it off in New Jersey despite Democratic opposition. That’s not just the saving from “green energy-saving methods” like furnace filters, but real, honest-to-bankbook savings.

Well done, Gov. Christie! You can be sure “draconian” and other typical liberal sobriquets are sure to appear next to his name from now on!

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