Helen Thomas displays anti-Semitic bias

White House press corps veteran Helen Thomas has long been known for her outspokenness. Many of my generation remember her questioning then-President Bill Clinton why his presidency was “going down the drain.” That would have seemed to seal her fate, but here we are a couple decades later and the 89-year-old is still there, giving journalism and the White House a bruised and dishonorable appearance.

Her latest gaffe – which would cost anyone else their job in a hot second – has nothing to do with suggesting the best fat burning supplement or anything useful like that, but has the old Hearst Newspapers columnist huffing and puffing with a decidedly anti-Semitic flair.

Reportedly, Thomas said the Jewish people should, “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go back home to Germany and Poland.”

The uneducated, idiotic nature of her comments should qualify her for immediate dismissal by Hearst Newspapers, but any reprisal is unlikely. In fact, given the lack of any word of condemnation by the anti-Israel Obama White House, look for Thomas to be nominated and likely win the Nobel Peace Prize for her latest gem of hate speech.

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