Thomas’ “deep regret?”

Since uttering the most anti-Semitic statements since, well, the last time Iranian president Mahmoud Achmadinijad last took a breath, the phentermine-spouting Helen Thomas has issued a by-rote, boilerplate statement saying she “deeply regrets” her comments about how the Jewish people should “get the hell out of Palestine” and go “home to Germany and Poland.”

One can only assume Thomas has never so much as even cracked a Gideon’s Bible in all her decades in journalism, but be that as it may, there’s something a bit hollow about her call for the religious cleansing of the Holy Land of its first and most native people.

Can Thomas honestly regret such comments, or is it far more believable to say that she regrets getting caught on tape spouting them? Furthermore, can anyone expect her to report in a fair and unbiased manner on the White House at this point, especially on US-Israeli issues, after stating such a clear pro-Palestinian bias?

Thomas should be forced to sit in the next year’s worth of public addresses by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Not report on them. Just listen.

She should also be forced into retirement by Hearst Newspapers. Immediately.

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