Van der Sloot a serial killer?

Five years after the murder/disappearance of Natalee Holloway, Joran Van der Sloot has been arrested in connection to the murder of Stephany Flores in Chile, and investigators behind his arrest have labeled him a serial killer.

Van der Sloot was the primary suspect five years ago when Holloway disappeared in Aruba, her body never recovered. A lack of evidence connecting him to the crime kept the Dutch national free of jail, if not exactly free of suspicion. Van der Sloot allegedly snapped the neck of Flores in his Lima hotel room on the fifth anniversary of Holloway’s disappearance.

According to online reports, “Flores, 21, was beaten so brutally that her neck was broken, and her battered body bore multiple bruises and scratches. No weapon was found, indicating the killer used his bare hands.”

When Holloway disappeared, Van der Sloot escaped due to a lack of connecting evidence; that’s not likely to be the outcome this time. Even a visit to won’t save Slick Vandy this time.

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