New California law intended to eliminate conservatives

This past week, in a ballot initiative, California passed an “open primary” law that will allow the top two vote-getters, regardless of party affiliation, to face off in the November general elections of that state. It is a measure supported by outgoing GOP-backstabber Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and opposed by both Republicans and Democrats.

The measure’s publicized intent is to bypass the influence of party activists, who often pull candidates to ideological extremes, and place control back in the hands of so-called “moderates,” who allegedly make the decisions in the general elections. But that’s a PR job only those eligible for social security disability might swallow.

In California, the real agenda, in a state rarely friendly to Republicans in general and conservatives specifically, is to rig the system to rob voters of an ideological choice; California is generally one of the states both big enough, urban enough, and liberal enough that the top two vote-getters could – most of the time – be liberal candidates.

So rather than allow voters a choice, Californians hope to actually eliminate conservatives from even having a voice in most future elections in the golden state. Hopefully this is one trend the nation won’t follow.

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