Patraeus in on Afghanistan

Sometimes, history is the best revenge.

I’m not talking about how, someday soon, there might be Barack Obama-based baby Halloween costumes. No, I’m speaking of the firing of Gen. McChrystal in Afghanistan following the publication of a Rolling Stone interview; in the wake of his dismissal, who did President Obama turn to, to save his hide in Afghanistan?

Why, none other than Gen. David Patraeus.

The same general who Obama criticized in his handling of Iraq. The same general who Obama-funder once mocked as “General Betray-Us” in an infamous New York Times ad. The same general who Obama feared might garner some political aspirations about two years down the line, if you know what I mean.

The guy Obama hated, General Patraeus, fortunately had no vengeful instinct controlling him when President Obama called on him to accept what is in essence a demotion, go over to Afghanistan, and clean up the Obama-McChrystal mess.

All he said, in the tradition of all good military men, was, “Yes sir, Mister President.”

If only Obama himself were as mature.

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