Dems worry as Obama becomes Big Bully

Forget about Orwell’s Big Brother; the Obama Administration is looking to become known by an even more ominous title: Big Bully. That’s the concern among the nations’ governors as the Obama Administration prepares to file suit against the state of Arizona because they don’t like the state’s immigration policy… which basically says, “Let’s act like we have one.”

Democratic governors are concerned primarily on the basis of how it could cost the party seats in this fall’s mid-term elections; they may not disagree with the challenge… they just want to win re-election first. Meanwhile, the GOP is warning how Obama’s bullying is basically an attempt by the Fed to grow its power even further beyond its Constitutionally-defined powers to make basically every law as something to be defined and decided at the Federal level.

That’s not a Constitutional Republic, folks; it’s socialism, and it’s about as useful as a 10-year-old taking prenatal vitamins.

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