Limbaugh joins LeBron

Radio host Rush Limbaugh had joined LeBron James in spurning New York and its escalating taxes for the more taxpayer-friendly environs of Florida; Limbaugh recently closed on the sale of his Manhattan apartment, selling it for about $11.5 million after paying around $5 million for it in 1994. That’s a decent capital gain for El Rushbo.

And it essentially completes Limbaugh’s move to Florida, breaking ties with the state that launched him to national stardom. Limbaugh has spent most of his time in Florida for the past several years, but the sale of his Manhattan apartment completes the severing of his Big Apple ties.

NBA superstar LeBron James chose Miami over New York when he decided to move from Cleveland in free agency, and the choice is estimated to keep an additional $12-$20 million in James’ pockets over the next five seasons. That’s not chump change, even for LeBron. It could even pay for a lot of much-needed adult acne treatments.

When will New York learn that raising taxes pushes people away and lowering them draws people in, creating a larger tax base pool to draw from?

Well, probably never; the state’s eternally Blue…

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