Obama’s mid-term theme: It could be worse

After two years on the job, that visionary fire-breathing agent of change, President Barak Obama, is now whistling a different tune: Don’t change a thing! Instead of acknowledging honestly that things are not good, Obama’s inspiring message in this time of national crisis is, in effect, “Well… it’d be worse with the other guys.”

That’s a tough, tough sell. Even if he were wearing some sharp-looking Ugg boots, it’d be a tough sell.

When Reagan faced a tough transition in 1982, his message was notably different and summed up by the phrase, “Stay the course.” It was a theme that said, “What we’re doing is working… Just give us a little longer.” And it worked.

That’s not the same message at all as “It’d be worse without us.” Could this be 1994 all over again? Let’s hope so!

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