Bosnian teenager behind “puppy tossing” video

A Bosnian teenage girl has become infamous in a way she probably never expected after posting a video of her tossing a half-dozen puppies violently into a river, where they presumably drown. The video, posted earlier this week, set off a worldwide furor because of the girl’s cruelty; in the video she is seen to be laughing as she tosses the puppies into the river.

Now, Bosnian authorities have come forward and identified a teenage girl from the town of Bugojno, Bosnia, as the offender who apparently caused the death of six helpless puppies. According to Bosnian law, she could face a fine between anywhere from $18.50 to $6,410 USD equivalent, though it is unclear if that is for the whole event, or if it could be multiplied by the number of puppies killed.

A separate law against animal cruelty could add an even stiffer financial penalty, but it remains unclear whether Bosnian officials will be able to do more than fine the girl and/or her parents over the incident. Certainly one would hope some sort of educational component, counseling, and a stiffer penalty might be part of the solution. After all, no one that callous could understand the finer points of animal cruelty, loss of life or even a death benefit definition. It’s all a bit sad.

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