Discovery Channel gunman was Algore disciple

James Lee, the gunman who stormed the Discovery Channel headquarters, taking three hostages before he was shot and killed by police last Wednesday, apparently had a motive for his madness.

As it turns out, Lee had a chance before his death to talk for ten minutes to an NBC producer and share his concerns. It turns out he was upset over the “lack of global warming coverage” on television, citing a viewing of the Algore propaganda film, An Inconvenient Truth, as an “awakening moment” for him.

Of course, Michael Moore immediately started planning his next film to focus on how Lee was inspired by “eight years of Bush-Cheney.” And whined on his Twitter account, “How come no one ever takes hostages after seeing one of my propaganda pieces?” (Psst… hey Mikey… it’s because no one ever finds you home.) Whatever.

Anyway, random celebrity teasing aside, it seems Algore now has blood on his hands for his little propaganda piece. Try that on for size as an inconvenient truth, Al! The loss of James Lee falls on you, buck-o!

It’s enough madness to make a fellow want to acquire a plane ticket, fly to Florida and look into some nice car rental deals. A few hours looking at the ocean ought be be enough to calm one’s frayed nerves…

Hey… why’s the water black?

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