White House trying to scare USA out of GOP support

When White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer isn’t railing against engineering jobs or otherwise wasting government bandwidth on his White House blog, he’s trying to scare Americans out of supporting the GOP. Naturally, that sort of thing’s his job; he’s an Obama Administration employee and he’s hardly going to be cheerleading the opposition.

But he’s also not being completely straightforward, either. Citing a single source, Georgia Republican Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, Pfeiffer is actively attempting to suggest that House Republicans, if they regain power in November, will force “another government shutdown.” This, he divines by a general statement Westmoreland has made about how the GOP should go “toe-to-toe” with the Obama Administration should they regain power.

Well, what does Pfeiffer expect, for the GOP to rubber stamp everything Obama sends their way? Heck, he can’t even get Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to do that, and she’s supposedly his ally!

Pfeiffer is under the impression that America went through some sort of national nightmare back during the Clinton Administration when the House, led back then by Newt Gingrich, dared to challenge Bill Clinton’s budget priorities enough to refuse to pass a budget until more cuts were made.

I was an adult and lived through that time and, let me tell you something: not many people noticed that government was shut down. Most of us kept on going with our lived just fine without the Fed hiking taxes at every opportunity.

I’m not saying this is the GOP’s plan should they win; I have no idea. But even if it is… maybe it’s a good idea. Maybe if President Obama’s own party had the courage to say no to him every time he wants to pass a new stimulus package, they all might be doing a darn sight better in their approval ratings.

Ever think of that?

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