An easy way to make $216K

Want to know the easiest way to make over $216K in a few short months?

First, start up an environmental nonprofit group. Then criticize Sarah Palin’s environmental record loudly and often. Then wait for an environmental disaster and have someone call up the Obama White House. Boom. They give you a cool fifth of a million dollars. That’ll buy plenty of equestrian clothing for even the most discerning of tree-huggers.

Think I’m fibbing? Check out this Associated Press story which details how just such a group benefited to the tune of a $216,625 no-bid contract, largely because they were critical of Palin. It’s all there in AP black-and-white.

Of course, this is typical of the machinations of Chicago thug politics, dating from the era of the original Richard Daley to the current Richard Daley, all the way to the White House and President Barack Obama. Act as a hit-group on the right enemies, and you’ll have plenty of government largess rolling your way… at least for the next couple years.

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