Dem future Pelosi-less?

Even though she’s facing certain victory against John Dennis in San Francisco, a liberal bastion, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will almost certainly be forced out of leadership – likely through retirement – if the Dems lose the House in November. It’s a prediction everyone from Newt Gingrich to the Politico are making. That means that, if current trends hold, Speaker Pelosi could be sending her Christmas cards from San Fran, rather than Washington DC this year.

Pelosi is seen as uniquely divisive and has a load of corruption scandals brewing that would have already forced her out of office if the Dems didn’t possess such massive control of the Federal government at the moment. But if winning is “the best deodorant,” as some football coaches like to say, guess what losing could do to Speaker Pelosi?

Even Dems admit privately they could do better; and if the party loses control in November, Pelosi will be the first expected to fall on her sword as penance.

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