Florida leading the way against ObamaCare

Everyone is accustomed to insurance reviews, but if Florida attorney general Bill McCollum is successful, the much-feared ObamaCare socialization of the US health care industry will be overturned before it ever takes effect.

In an interview with NewsMax.com, McCollum outlined the issue this way:

“We are arguing that it’s unconstitutional for the federal government to tell you, if you are just sitting in front of your TV set, or doing nothing in the way of real economic activity, that you have to buy a health insurance policy or pay a penalty. That’s just not in the Constitution. The Founding Fathers didn’t enumerate any powers that appear to us to give them the right to say this.”

Attempting to hold the Federal government to its enumerated powers is pure Constitutionalism, and would be a huge step in the right direction. It will be interesting to see if the US court system, which is supposed to be guided by the US Constitution, still pays enough attention to that document to be guided to an appropriate decision in this case.

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