McMahon trailing Blumenthal, but pulling close

Former WWE CFO Linda McMahon was once a 58-33 underdog for the Senate seat in Connecticut, where Chris Dodd is retiring and Democrat Richard Blumenthal is hoping to retain the seat against McMahon. It’s not like McMahon is smoking Backwoods cigars and twiddling her thumbs in the leaning-blue state; she’s worked hard in the past months and, according to the latest Quinnipac poll, has pulled to a 51-45 distance from Blumenthal.

That six-point distance is just within the margin of error and now makes the race closer than the Dems hoped it would be when McMahon first prevailed as the GOP candidate of choice. It will be interesting to see if McMahon can narrow the gap further in these last six weeks or so and pull off the upset.

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