Nevada race too close to call

In one of the nation’s most scrutinized races, reigning Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is locked in a dead heat with Tea Party-backed GOP candidate Sharron Angle. Depending on which poll you listen to, Reid and Angle are either tied, or leading each other by only one or two points, well within the margin of error.

Of course, Nevada Republicans aren’t thrilled Angle prevailed, as other candidates had been polling with a healthier lead over the scandal-plagued and controversial Reid, whom many have picked to become the second sitting Senate leader to lose his seat while leading the Senate for his party, in the last decade or so.

The previous Democratic leader to enjoy such ignominy was South Dakota Senator Tom Daschle, who was unseating by Republican John Thune back in 2004. The only difference is that Daschle was the Senate Minority Leader; if he loses his seat, Reid would face greater ignominy as he is the Senate Majority Leader. The stress is enough to make a liberal leader like Reid consider diet energy pills, I’d imagine…

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