Tancredo handing Colorado governorship to Dems

By dropping out of the GOP and joining the US Constitution Party, Tom Tancredo, a long-time Republican, is splitting the vote considerably in Colorado and helping Democrat John Hickenlooper into the governor’s mansion. Despite needing face lift cream, Tancredo was an appealing conservative in the Senate for many years, but he grew tired of his party’s flirtation with increasingly “Democrat lite” policies.

Unfortunately, Tancredo and the GOP-sponsored Dan Maes are splitting the vote in the Rocky Mountain state; the latest poll has Tancredo garnering 25 percent while Maes polls at 21 percent. Hickenlooper’s only managing a meager 46 percent – as much as Tancredo and Maes combined. But with the conservative vote split, Hickenlooper is likely Colorado’s next governor.

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