The crumbling of the Obama majority

A new Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll suggests that the support base that placed Barak Obama in the White House only two years ago are crumbling. Fully one-half of those who voted for Obama have expressed interest in even voting in November, this time out. And of those who are voting, fully one-quarter of them are indicating they will be supporting the GOP or some other opposition candidate this time around.

This comes as Rasmussen Reports predicts a 55-seat shift in the House of Representatives, minimum, which would be plenty to place the GOP back in control of the House, as only 39 seats are necessary for a switch in Speaker. Voter dissatisfaction with real results in the economy is leading voters to “burn belly fat” in their voting habits and cut lose any incumbent who seems to be part of the problem.

If the GOP thinks it can ride dissatisfaction, return to power, and get away with mere status quo politics, however, they need to beware; that’s exactly what the Dems did four years ago in the House and Senate… and it didn’t last very long.

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