WP endores … Emmer for MN Gov

I haven’t done a lot of this before, but considering everyone else is doing it and it won’t really matter much anyway, I’ve decided to endorse a number of candidates this election year. In some races, I won’t endorse if I think all the candidates are bad.

Let’s start with Minnesota Governor.

In the wake of Tim Pawlenty’s soft, McCain-style GOP leadership, what Minnesota needs at the state house is the best colon cleanse we can find; one that flushes all the crud out of the system.

On the Dem side, Mark Dayton’s resume is being the biggest embarrassment Minnesota has ever seen as U.S. Senator. Not worthy of the state house no matter what party he belongs to. FAIL.

On the Independence Party side, Tom Horner is an Arne Carlson-style RINO who supports an awful lot of liberal positions. Forget it. FAIL.

On the GOP side, Tom Emmer’s not perfect. He’s mildly more conservative than Pawlenty, which would be a welcome upgrade. I’m concerned about the two DWIs on his record. But looking at the details, Emmer received his first one in 1981 at the age of 20, and his second one in 1991 at the age of 30. He’s now 49, so he’s been clear of that for 19 years.

I think it’s time to forgive the DWI incidents. So long as he continues not to repeat the offense. But I have my eye on him.

That being said, his stances are solid and generally a bit more conservative that Pawlenty’s. He’d take the state in a better direction than either of the other two candidates.

Now, the mainstream Minnesota media is lobbying the public to vote Horner because, “It’s not a wasted vote!”

But that’s just a strategy; they believe that by doing this, Dayton will win by default. And a Dayton win would be tragic indeed; the man was incompetent as a US Senator, condemned by 99 other Senators from both parties, and simply does not deserve to win.

So let me tell you what the mainstream Minnesota media won’t: A vote for Tom Horner means Dayton’s your next governor. Do you really want to be responsible for that?

Reducing Horner’s support to just eight percent would swing the election to Emmer. That’s the smart vote, and that’s why WonderfulPessimist.com endorses Tom Emmer for Governor.

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