WP endorse … Sean Duffy for David Obey’s seat in Wisconsin

It’s time to start getting real in Wisconsin. With the retirement of long-term Democrat David Obey, former Real World cast member and long-term Ashland County District Attorney Sean Duffy is leading Demorat Julie Rassa by a good margin.

Duffy’s tough-on-crime background and his celebrity and youth appeal should be a heady mix for voters not only in the GOP, but beyond its borders. And Duffy’s conservatism ought to serve northwestern Wisconsin, where I used to live, quite well.

If Duffy goes on to win, he’ll be perhaps the first reality-show contestant to rise to nationally elected office; if he conducts himself well, he could quickly rise up the ranks of the Wisconsin GOP. No one in his family has ever needed Lipofuze, so he’s a photo-friendly conservative with a great, large family.

Therefore, it’s a no-brainer: WonderfulPessimist.com strongly endorses Sean Duffy in northwestern Wisconsin.

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