WP endorses … no one in Minnesota Third

Minnesota has a GOP member as an incumbent in Minnesota’s Third Congressional District; the successor to Jim Ramstad, Erik Paulson is a carbon copy of the long-term GOP veteran. Although a Republican, Paulson remains as mum as possible on his actual stances, preferring to communicate in “values”-speak rather than positions on issues.

If that were not reason enough for concern, the ultra-liberal StarTribune just endorsed Paulson over his DFL opponent, Jim Meffert. That’s what George Will once termed, “Strange New Respect” from the left. That makes me really nervous about Paulson.

Of course, Paulson could calm these concerns by actually outing himself as either more conservative or more liberal, but at every opportunity to define himself, he changes the subject. Considering he’s collaborated more with folks like DFL first-district rep Tim Walz than he has with sixth-district rep Michele Bachmann, we just can’t support Paulson’s brand of undercover politics. Let him sleep in dog beds until he gains the courage to take bold stands … or, really, any stands at all; that’s what real leadership is about.

That being said, DFLer Jim Meffert is a greenhorn and too leftist for our tastes.

Therefore, in Minnesota’s third congressional district, WonderfulPessimist.com endorses … absolutely no one.

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