Comedy Central rally devolves into insulting hate-fest

Color me unsurprised.

The Comedy Central rally in Washington, promoted by Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and the cable network as non-partisan, quickly devolved into a left-wing orgy of hate on Saturday. One particularly insulting sign on hand showed a number of Republicans with Hitler-esque mustaches drawn on them, including the face of Eric Cantor.

Cantor, who is Jewish, was a particularly unfortunate target of the political left’s typical fourth-grade knee-jerk response to the possibility that they might lose seats… and perhaps control of the House… in the wake of Tuesday’s elections. Turn your Kwikset to locked to keep out the insensitive liberal hate-speech.

And what one participant wrote on a sign about Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell is simply not repeatable in polite (which means, non-liberal) company.

Class act, Comedy Central. Class act.

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