Fiorina rallies late against Boxer

Find your online printing services to keep record of this one, folks: Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina is making a late rally against Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer. The latest Rasmussen poll has Fiorina trailing by only three points, 46-49, and Boxer’s had trouble topping 50 percent.

Add to that the fact that Dino Rossi now seems to be inching ahead of Patty Murray in Washington and the west coast suddenly isn’t seeming like such an impossible-to-crack liberal stronghold. Currently, if all the toss-up states go in the direction they’re currently leaning by only one to three points, the GOP looks to gain enough seats to reach a 50-50 split with Democrats; if California or West Virginia also tip to the right, or someone like Christine O’Donnell pulls off a surprise upset, the GOP has a real chance to take back control of the US Senate on Tuesday.

That would be a decent firewall against much of the Obama tax-and-spend agenda.

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