Emmer fought hard, but now it’s time to pack up

I admire Republican Tom Emmer’s tenacity in fighting to make sure Minnesota’s state election laws were followed in his 8,755-vote loss to Democrat Mark Dayton in the Minnesota governor’s race. It’s stage two of a battle fought and lost in the Al Franken-Norm Coleman Senate election.

There are serious flaws in Minnesota’s voting system, and the possibilities for voter fraud are quite real. But at this point, the best thing Emmer could do is concede the election and come back stronger next time. And I say this as an Emmer supporter.

There’s no smoking gun of trunkfuls of uncounted ballots in this election, as there was in Franken-Coleman. And while losing by less than 10,000 votes is tough, the only way Emmer could win at this point is if all of Minnesota’s lakes are given a chance to cast a ballot, and they all throw in for Emmer. That’s not gonna happen, except maybe on Cyber Monday. The deficit of votes is just too great. If it were a matter of a thousand votes or less, I’d be all for a trench war on this.

But let’s keep in mind that the GOP took over both the Minnesota House and Senate this time out, by historic margins. While Dayton is, by his own admission, completely incompetent, he’ll have a more conservative state legislature reigning him in, and that will lead to stricter controls on tax hikes and budget bloat.

Let’s capitalize on that and focus on the long term.

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