LeMieux understands spending problem

When he was appointed by former Florida governor Charlie Crist to fill out the term of U.S. Senator Mel Martinez on the condition he not run for that seat permanently, George LeMieux was a newcomer to Washington. Now that he’s leaving, he is showing he learned the problems in Washington quickly.

LeMieux points out that in the last year alone, government has added $1.3 trillion to the US deficit that now stands at $14 trillion. With the advent of ObamaCare, that could grow to $26 trillion by 2020, an unsustainable level of debt. LeMieux suggests nixing ObamaCare as an important first step to curing the problem. That’d pay for a ton of security cameras.

He is considering challenging Democrat Bill Nelson in 2012; if he stays true to those types of fiscal conservative priorities, he would appear to be an intriguing choice for the GOP.

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