Netanyahu draws line at Jerusalem

For over forty years, US policy for working toward peace in the Middle East has revolved around one policy: Israel must surrender land to achieve peace with their Palestinian neighbors. It’s a philosophy that’s still espoused today by US President Barack Obama.

Trouble is, no matter how often Israel complies with such proposals, the results remain the same: the PLO continues its acts of terrorism and demands more, more, more. In the latest round of negotiations, Obama’s Administration is pushing Netanyahu’s to surrender parts, or all, of Jerusalem.

But finally, an Israeli leader is willing to say, “Enough’s enough.”

While some previous leaders were willing to surrender the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, when it comes to Jerusalem, Netanyahu has said that’s a step too far. He’s not one wearing political lingerie of a weak homeland security policy; Netanyahu knows that there must be limits on how much land one surrenders before it becomes “too much.”

Would Obama surrender the East Coast, including Washington DC, to Canada to “achieve peace” if Canada were bombing US sites and cities regularly?

On second thought, bad example. Obama would likely just surrender the entire country.

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