Three new female governors take power this year… all GOP

Three new female governors will occupy US governors mansions beginning this year, and all of them are Republicans.

The new Governors are Susanna Martinez of New Mexico, Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, and Nikki Haley of South Carolina. Martinez has already taken office while Fallin and Haley will be sworn in later this month.

Martinez, Fallin and Haley join Jan Brewer of Arizona and M. Jodi Rell of Connecticut as GOP women occupying governors mansions nationwide.

By contrast, the “party of feminism,” the Democrats, have only two female governors in office. They are Beverly Perdue of North Carolina and Christine Gregoire of Washington, who just won re-election this past fall.

So, even with Sarah Palin out of office, conservative women are definitely on the rise, with a 5-2 advantage in our nation’s governor’s mansions. Guess which party is the real party of opportunity for women?

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