Another politicized Oscars

Well, no surprise, but Hollywood liberals politicized the Oscars this year. Again.

The only real surprise to this is who did it. It was not a loudmouth, ego-inflated star like Alec Baldwin. It was a loudmouthed, ego-inflated cinematographer, instead; and one who needed the best diet pills available, from all appearances.

Winning cinematographer and Hollywood-dweller Wally Pfister decided he had more insight into what’s good for Wisconsin than, well, Wisconsinites. Tilting his lance at Governor Scott Walker’s face-off with state unions, Pfister used his win to pontificate to the unwashed masses, saying, “I think that what is going on in Wisconsin is kind of madness right now.”

Hey, we get it; you’re a union guy and you’re showing solidarity. But you’re not a Wisconsin taxpayer, so just hush up, will you?

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