Anti-Qaddafi forces seem to be gaining ground

Forces aligned against Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi needs more than acne products that work, these days. As unrest in Libya grows, it appears anti-Qaddafi forces have taken control of an ever-growing area, including a town located only 30 miles away from the capital of Tripoli.

Qaddafi remains insistent on staying in control of his country, and has been waging a bloody path through anyone who dares oppose him. If we had a freedom-loving president, he would find a way to aid anti-Qaddafi forces in their efforts to bring freedom to Libya and an end to gross human rights abuses.

But hey, we have a president who’s willing to sit down with such dictators “without pre-conditions.” Translation: You’re on your own, anti-Qaddafi forces.

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