The oddest thing

OK, this is going to be more of an aside from my usual politics-centered entries, but I’d like to talk for a bit about an experience I’ve had with my wife of late.

My wife has really sensitive skin. As such, there’s very little in the way of lotions, creams, conditioners and makeup that works for her. Her skin reacts to it, especially when wheat is involved because of her wheat gluten allergy.

But we’ve found one type of natural makeup that seems to work for her. The type she responds well to are those using mud from the floor of the Dead Sea.

It’s odd how it’s used; you rub it in just like any other mud-mask, but then you use a magnet (included) to lift all the dirt away. All that’s left behind, when done properly, are the pure minerals and oils abundant in that water.

It’s one of the few things that works for her. Oddest thing.

GOP House, White House far apart on budget

The White House is claiming a budget that proposes spending cuts – they say – that consist of $51 billion less in spending in 2011. The House GOP’s budget proposes over $102 billion. So that’s not bad; at least the White House is only half-way to the GOP proposal, right?

Well, newsflash, both budgets are lying. They reach those totals by including a proposed $40.8 billion thanks to a spending freeze. Only trouble is, that money was not close to being spent; it was “built-in spending increases” due to the “cost of inflation.” Because Washington doesn’t do zero-baseline budgeting like normal Americans; they assume everything they spent last year will be spent again, plus more for “inflation.”

So all that’s being truly cut is the so-called “inflation adjustment” increase. But it’s not real money, so it doesn’t count.

Between Harry Reid’s Senate plan and the White House, the Democats came up with only $10.5 billion in additional cuts. That’s nothing compared to the cuts the GOP-led House came up with; subtract the same $40.8 billion in fake spending cuts from their budget, and you are left with savings of $61.5 billion.

That’s nowhere near close on the White House’s part. So at least the GOP budget is somewhat aggressive. But aggressive enough? By my count, the GOP still owes the American people at least another $40 billion in cuts. Real, actual spending cuts that shrink the size of government. Either that, or giving us each a set of nice shoulder braces. That might work, too…

Nah. I’d still prefer the spending cuts.

Obama acts to … stop oil drilling relief

With gas prices quickly heading skyward toward $4 a gallon, and a federal judge ordering the Department of the Interior to get off their lazy butts and approve some deep water drilling permits that would put more oil on the market and bring some price relief, the Obama administration acted last this past week… to halt the judge’s order.

Overstepping the bounds of the executive branch, Obama is disrespecting yet another federal judge to enact his own agenda. The first time has been his administration recent “so what?” reaction to a Florida federal judge declaring ObamaCare unconstitutioonal. Obama’s callous disregard of the ruling caused the judge to put a timeline on the administration’s ability to file an appeal of his ruling – widely misinterpreted by the Obama Media as the judge “backing off his ruling and allowing the administration to enact ObamaCare” when just the opposite was true; the deadline was set and the Obama administration risks being held in contempt of court if the deadline passes without an appeal being filed and they continue to enact ObamaCare.

Now Obama’s administration is hitting America in the pocketbook, hoping to end drilling in the Gulf indefinitely at a time when getting that oil flowing again would provide much-needed price relief at the gas pump. Yeah, he’s just begging to be re-elected, isn’t he?

Guy probably smokes cheap Don Tomas cigars.