GOP survivor could be right’s Bill Clinton

While the New York Times is running a story about how weak the GOP field of candidates is because so many folks are running that none of them have even 20 percent support right now, the truth is that there are a lot of parallels to the situation the Democrats faced in 1992.

Back in 1991, as Democrats weighed going against the massively popular post-Desert-Storm George H.W. Bush, many of the big guns bowed out. Candidates considered obvious heavy hitters, like New York’s Mario Cuomo, wanted to wait for a year when he would not be facing a popular incumbent president. So the ’91 field was critiqued even at the time as “the Seven Dwarves” because they were all relative unknowns. Lots of folks to choose from, none of them sure-bet heavy-hitters.

Out of that field, though, Bill Clinton emerged and went on to control Washington for the next eight years, becoming the first two-terms Democrat since Harry S. Truman.

Now, the popular opinion among some establishment Republicans is that Obama is a bit too imposing to go against; even despite a bad economy and falling popularity, some GOP candidates fear facing off against Barry Obama for fear of the “racist” label Dems are sure to toss at whoever ultimately opposes the President.

There are a lot of GOP names in the hat right now, and similar “dwarf” labels are being tossed about. While some familiar names are hesitating, like Huckabee, Palin and even Newt Gingrich – in fact, about the only brand name candidate who seems sure to run is the one few conservatives really want: Mitt Romney, affectionately known as John McCain Jr.

So yes, the field is littered with under-experienced, no-name conservatives, as well as publicity-hungry, un-serious candidates like Donald Trump. But out of this vast field, a new Bill Clinton of the right could very well emerge. Thinning out the field won’t be easy, like how to get rid of whiteheads on face, but it will happen.

For conservatives, in fact, there are several names to get excited over.

Herman Cain. Michelle Bachmann. Mitch Daniels. Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. Rick Perry. Chris Christie. Paul D. Ryan. Scott Walker. Nikki Haley. Jan Brewer. Bobby Jindal.

Of course, there are still plenty of RINO candidates like Tim Pawlenty and others. But with such a wealth of conservatives, surely we can do better this time around than George W. Bush or John McCain.

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